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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  20 September 2021

Some fields- before we moved and then the main field this Fall with foliage and sheep.

Our new sheep barn, just about finished.  Other animal shelters somewhat makeshift and temporary, but comfortable for the cold and snow of a Colrain hilltown winter.  It's amazing the difference in temperature that 1500 ft of altitude makes -- and the wind!  It is truly physically and spiritually invigorating.

Winterberry Farm is a small family farm, now located in Colrain MA. We raise sheep, angora rabbits, a few goats, many kinds of poultry, and occasional pigs; we grow vegetables, herbs and flowers just for family use. We also teach some very small groups- kids, families and adults, encouraging people to regain skills necessary to provide food, clothing and shelter. We see the farm as a place where people can explore- in lots of nitty-gritty, hands-on ways- their spiritual need of and responsibility for the earth. Jim Lyons and Jill Horton-Lyons are the farmers. We began farming in 1985  in Leverett, raising sheep and poultry in addition to the flower and vegetable gardens we had grown for many years. For Jill, the sheep led to spinning and then knitting and then weaving. From 1993 until 1999, the farm moved to Deerfield and was part of Woolman Hill Conference Center, where we developed and ran farm and textile programs for that Quaker Center.  The farm then returned to Leverett until late fall of 2013.

We're on a beautiful 50 acres hillside farm, with open land for grazing.  Just enough space for small gardens, lots of forested land, a pond and  a small stream.  The old barn here burned down many years ago; we plan to build a new barn and do lots of fencing this year.  The house has lots of storage space and lots of program and fiber space- we're feeling most fortunate.

Until recently we have been part-time farmers, holding other jobs for a goodly share of our livelihood. Both of us grew up in suburban places, so we've done a lot of learning over the years.  It gives us joy to share what we've learned and to share this lovely place with others.