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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  16 October 2021


Happy, well-exercised, fed local grains and vegetables.

EggsChicken eggs -- many beautiful colors. $4.00 Per Dozen 
Stewing HensBest chicken soup around! Also great for chicken salad. 3-4 lbs. $4.50 Per Lb 
Old Fashioned RoastersAbout 4 lbs. Less fat and wonderful flavor $5.25 Per Lb. 

Ducks, Turkeys, Guineas, and Geese
We raise a few birds each year. Free range, some quite far afield. Most are heritage breeds.

Stewing DucksFantastic with leeks and potatoes. Or try them with fruit. $5.00 Per Lb.  
Christmas Goose RoastersBack Again. Available fresh in late October, frozen for Christmas. About 10 lbs. $8.00 Per Lb.  
Roasting TurkeysFresh for Thanksgiving. Heritage breeds this year, so they're smaller - 8 to 15 lbs. $4.50 Per Lb.  
Roasting DucksGreat for grilling, too! About 4 lbs. $6.50 Per Lb.  

Fed grass, hay, and local grains. Ground mutton sometimes available.

Lamb SausageIn casings and great for broiling, grilling, or frying. Often in stock. $6.50 Per Lb.  
Spit-Roasting LambSmaller and ready for roasting - amazingly tender and delicious. Recipe included - wonderful for parties. $8.00 Per Lb.  
Freezer LambSold as Whole (20-35 lb) or Half, cut and wrapped as you wish. $7.00 Per Lb.  

We raised pigs again last summer and fall.
Pork is sold by individual cuts, as well as by whole or half (10% discount for these.)
Fed a mix of local grains, garden produce, and milk.

Smoked Pork - Whole or Half $6.30 Per Lb.
Fresh Pork - Whole or Half $4.95 Per Lb.
Smoked Pork - Individual cuts $7.00 Per Lb.
Fresh Pork - Individual cuts $5.50 Per Lb.