The past eight months

The past eight months have been very disjointed. Should we try to move? Were we too old? Maybe it was time to cut back on farming and programs... But we certainly didn't want to stop raising sheep, and the sheep and their protectors were causing most of the problems. And we didn't want to stop!

So we got through that stage before lambing. Then- lots of fixing up and moving to storage of things in this house. For months! Finally ready to list the house- which sold very quickly. But so many hoops to jump through now when selling a house! And then we had to move quickly to find our new home & farm. This was the first time we could put land at the top of our list of needs. (When we moved to Leverett we weren't farmers yet.) And then to find a place we could afford with lmany acres of open land and a house with lots of room for programs and guests- we feel so very blessed! All of the detail work was worth it.

We still don't have our final closing date...near the end of October, assuming all of the septic work is set. And moving a farm is more than tricky.

We'll get some pictures up soon.