Emerging From Isolation...

Our tentative beginning to rejoin the world

People and animals have stayed well through this strange time of Covid; we have been most fortunate. Jim Covid-retired from his long time job in the mental health unit of our local hospital. Jill has a wonderful new hip and has resumed full farmer and most textile work. We have been working on the house - we look forward to sharing it again with friends. In August we celebrated our 50th anniversary, quietly. And we had a real garden again! Flowers and vegetables! Pilgrim geese joined the flock (gaggle?) in the spring of 2020; last spring they and the incubator hatched goslings. This spring there are already eggs in the nest and we are looking forward to new goslings. This long awaited new website is finally becoming a reality thanks to the patient mentoring of Mik and Montague Web Works.

We miss people, the dogs miss people, our aloof cat misses people, the goats miss people, the rabbits miss people... maybe even the sheep miss people. All look forward to the joys of laughter, conversations and learning.

We sheared our sheep at open farm in March and had our traditional Lambs' Open House on Easter afternoon, both events with people sharing the fun and companionship. Coming up is a Mothers' Day farm and fiber event and the annual Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival at the Cummington Fair Grounds - hopefully we will see many old and new friends during these weekends.

Family programs in the works (for which we don't yet have dates) include Felted Feet, Needle Felting, and Playing with Wool. Animal programs about raising angora rabbits and raising sheep are being planned. Soap making, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and felting are our traditional adult offerings - and the teaching looms and wheels need to be dusted off.

Let us know if you are interested in a particular event/workshop so we can plan dates and times.

We very much hope to see you!