Shearing Day preparations

Thank goodness I did so much dyeing in January and February! This is the first week before shearing day when dye pots aren't bubbling away, drying racks all over the living room with fans blowing away.... it's really great. But of course there's still a lot to do: lamb chili, chicken soup...and a lot of cleaning! Then comes the fun of putting out all the dyed fleece and roving, the wonderful natural wools (especially the Blackface, Karakul and Churro- they're so different from the lovely Romney and Cormo). Wet weather's coming tomorrow- we'll need to close in the three sheep groups. At this time of year it's hard to keep them dry enough for shearing. Their wool absorbs so much moisture from the air. (duh...that's why wool socks and sweaters are so great- they can absorb a lot of water and you still stay warm