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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  20 September 2017
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340 Wilson Hill Road in Colrain

 What a very wet and cold spring!  But the sun's out now, and it's warm.  The grass is too high- but all the grazers are out and happy.

We're making soap July 5th, finally getting small gardens in now and enjoying the new border collie.  Doing solar dyeing (yea, sun!), painting the upstairs guest rooms....

We've decided to return to traditional spring shearing.  We were disappointed in the fall fleeces (maybe due to the drought?), deciding we'd  not mind the heavy skirting if the rest of the wool was as before.  We'll still shear the rams and wethers in the fall, as well as all the goats, so we'll still have the Fall Fiber Farm Festival.







To get us back on track with shearing, we're going to do an extra shearing in about 10 days- we'll post date & time as soon as we know it.  Observers, helpers, fleece buyers- all are welcome!

Lambing stays were wonderful this year- it's lovely that the word is getting out!  We're also getting ready to offer other sorts of farm stays.

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Some old and some new farm photos.




The pastures are looking good- it's still a special treat to grow them thinking about next year and ten years off.



Last year we sold lots of pork, lamb and ducks....in addition to fiber.  Always doing more fiber things....and this year's ducklings will be available in mid July.  They're growing beautifully!


The farm is open for programs, open farms and sales by appointment.....click here for more info

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