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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  23 September 2014


We're settling into Colrain; been here now for 10 months!

340 Wilson Hill Road

It's fair and demo season now.... We'll be back at Garlic & Arts Festival in their new animal area September 27 & 28.  Our own Fall Shearing Day comes on October 18, and then more happenings in November...


Live like you'll die tomorrow.

Farm like you'll live forever.




Some old and some new farm photos.


What a beautiful place to live- we feel so very blessed!

The animals love it,too...the lambs have grown really well.

Winter came in hard and fast last year, leaving us no time to put up winter fencing or build the shelters that we needed.  But the huge garage, the greenhouse and the dye-studio-to-be worked out pretty well.  And we learned a lot about the land and the wind- what we're working on now will be much better.

So we're cutting trees to clear the fence line (and obtain firewood and lumber for building).  Sheep shed, fencing, goat shed and chicken coop will be in by December.







The farm is open for programs, open farms and sales by appointment.....click here for more info

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