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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  26 March 2017
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340 Wilson Hill Road in Colrain

This summer we're  doing a regular farmers' market, every Tuesday afternoon in Greenfield, from 1:30 - 6:30.  It's a cooperative venture of Green Fields Market and the GCC ag program, and takes place in the alley next to the market.  Veggies, plants, mushrooms, herbal delights- and of course our lamb and pork- and a bit of fiber.  So come get some maple pork sausage or delicious lamb for grilling!  And you can also start knitting Christmas presents- we always have yarn, too.


We have fiber fairs coming up and also Fall Shearing on October 1st- more info on program listings.  And the Winterberry Farm Facebook page has lots of new photos!








And two other programs in September- Soapy Saturday on the 17th and Angora Rabbits on the 24th.  Problems getting information about these on the website?  Call 413-624-3940 or email jill@winterberryfarm.org.

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Some old and some new farm photos.




The pastures are looking good- it's still a special treat to grow them thinking about next year and ten years off.



We've been selling lots of pork, lamb and ducks....in addition to fiber.  The Tuesday market has helped!


The farm is open for programs, open farms and sales by appointment.....click here for more info

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