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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  08 October 2015
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340 Wilson Hill Road in Colrain

Lambing stays are happening now- just one opening left...But space for kids in spring farm next week


And today (4/16) 17 lambs bouncing around- and only 3 ewes still very pregnant!





Live like you'll die tomorrow.

Farm like you'll live forever.

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Some old and some new farm photos.


What a beautiful place to live- we feel so very blessed!

The animals love it,too...the lambs have grown really well.

Winter came in hard and fast last year, leaving us no time to put up winter fencing or build the shelters that we needed.  But the huge garage, the greenhouse and the dye-studio-to-be worked out pretty well.  And we learned a lot about the land and the wind- what we're working on now will be much better.

So we're cutting trees to clear the fence line (and obtain firewood and lumber for building).  The new barn is built, with electricity and water, but fence and chicken house await the thaw.  Meantime, back to the garage.

And we did survive this winter- made our first one seem almost silly!  Like everyone, we're looking forward to real spring. We're healthy, animals are healthy- life is very, very good.







The farm is open for programs, open farms and sales by appointment.....click here for more info

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